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Wealth Accumulation for Personal or Business


  • Income Tax - Tax avoidance, deferral and conversion (changing ordinary income taxes to capital gains) techniques permit the client to use the government's money to create additional income and capital which, in turn, contribute to financial independence.
  • Investment - Minimizing unnecessary risks, creating successful investment strategies and using effective investment selection and managment techniques is the key to maximizing wealth accumulation.
  • Retirement - All planning leads to financial independence. The client must convert monthly income needs, at retirement, into a capital equivalency - accounting for life expectancy, income taxes from each type of investment and retirement plan and inflation. Existing assets must be factored into the calculations. Then, strategies must be created and deployed to eliminate capital shortages.
  • Education Planning - As higher education costs continue to soar, many parents find themselves faced with the nagging question, "Will I have enough money to pay for my child's college education?" The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Act of 2001 offers additional incentives for saving to help fund higher education expenses. One often overlooked option is a state-sponsored qualified tuition program (529 plan). These plans offer attractive tax benefits while allowing you to contribute substantially higher sums than with other savings vehicles and custodial accounts.


  • Pension & Executive Benefits / Corporate Benefits - As a business owner, great personal wealth can be amassed by creating "qualified" (non-discriminatory) and "non-qualified" (discriminatory) retirement programs that heavily favor the owner and key employees. Further, many costs that would otherwise be paid personally can be structured for tax-deductible payment at the company level, effectively reducing the costs of these personal expenses. Feasibility studies should be performed to determine the proper retirement plans and executive benefits before money is spent to begin these programs.
  • Income Tax - So much of a business owner's wealth is built by minimizing the amount of tax paid. The wealthy have always mastered this challenge by hiring the best tax counsel. If you do not have a tax review of your business, by an independent third party, you may be leaving considerable money "on the table" and walking down the path to serious, contingent tax liabilities which compound as your unawareness continues.
  • Financial Planning Services - Your employees and key executives are literally begging for unbiased financial planning advice, especially since current trends reveal that they are using the internet and discount investment brokerages to buy their own insurance and investments rather than using a broker or financial planner. Your company can establish an affordable financial planning program to reward key employees and help them associate their own financial independence with the growth of the company. Our company will give your employees unbiased planning advice because we do not tie the sale of financial products to the dispensation of advice like most traditional financial planning firms do.